DesignToolBox — version 1.85

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Version notes

  • New modify Tool:  2-point planar rotation (in local coordinates).
  • New convenient Tool : Unhide by selection.
  • New Tool category: Eyedropper.
    • Includes: Replicator: in-viewport (pick and point) object replacer and instancer
    • Eyedropper: in-viewport (pick and point) mass copier (transformation, material, general properties, mapping, modifiers….)
  • Tool speed improvements:
    • Measure Area should work more fast.
    • Rework done to Paneling tool. Fixed thickness parameter, better Obj mode.
    • Paneling Detailer: Now it can be launch as a separate tool. Objects selection fixed, and added more mirror options (by number list).
  • UI changes:
    • More complete Tooltips in Toolbars, Added tooltips in Ribbon and tools w/UI.
    • Some rework in Ribbon layout.
    • Added intersection mode (all guides or current) toggle command.
    • Reworked broken refGuides floater UI, fixed bugs and cosmetic changes.
    • Added a floater UI for the ToolBox.
    • Added a floater UI for the rest of the tools.
    • Some other small cosmetic changes (Icons, Paneling tool, in-viewport information improved to facilitate reading)
  • General bugfixes and stability improvements
destlbx_floaterUI refGuides_floatU paneling_ui