DesignToolBox — version 2.0 out soon

1 minute read

Version notes

Originally started as an incremental version (1.95) intended to fix reported problems and include some minor requested functionality, turned out in a major revision. Also, expect some new demo videos to better understand how the tools work.

List of priority fixes and new features:

New Tools

  • unFreeze (thaw) by selection added.
  • Continued measure distance (chained measure tape).

General Changes

  • General stability improvements and fixes.
  • Fixed Lock tool:
    • Lock Object Scale wasn’t working properly.
    • Fixed overall behavior when some locks were already been set.
  • reDimension:
    • Added Orthogonal tracking.
    • Fixed incorrect results in scaled objects.
  • Reference Scale tool:
    • Added keep proportions option.
    • Added Xform modifier mode.
    • Added Orthogonal tracking.
    • Enhanced behavior on certain situations, less incorrect results.
  • Measure Tool: Now the tape is drawn until the next measure.
  • Area measure: Added orthogonal tracking.
  • Divide tool: more responsive segments set.
    • Added keyboard input mode instead of mouse movement.
    • Added Orthogonal tracking.
  • MultiMap : Previous extra tools (fit, center and reset UVW Gizmo) can now be used as a separate tool.
  • Move Around: Added clone object option.
  • Improved put assets in line with a options dialog.
  • Improved viewports performance of refGuides tools.

UI Improvements:

  • Overall Tooltips, information and ease of use tweaks
  • Redesigned move Around& UI in an attempt to make it more useable and straightforward.