DesignToolBox — version 2.6.0

1 minute read

This version addresses some problems found in the previous release and add some new features:

New features

Move and align (1D Align tool)

Align objects using two directions from a common base point.

  1. Select a target node. Pick a reference point and a target point to displace the node to a new position. This is a free space operation.
  2. Pick one point to set a reference direction, and a target point to match the original direction to it.
  3. Use Right Click or ESCAPE to end the tool.

Random transformations tool

Tool packed with several options to randomize and clone nodes.

Extra tool: Camera/Render batch manager

Tool intended to improve the use of the native batch render tool.Some features: Set render size per camera, add active view to batch render with auto naming and output path, Add multiple cameras with one action.

Tools improvements and fixes

  • Removed some outdated tools.
  • Replicator tool:
    • Fixed problem with grouped objects
    • Changed the groups mode option to two separate parameters (for grouped nodes only):
      • Use source node entire group. On/Off Setting.
      • Replace target node entire group. On/Off setting.
      • Fixed instancing mode (was broken), added a note explaining this mode only works for un-grouped nodes.
  • Local rotation tool:
    • Fixed problem with merged objects
    • Fixed incorrect angle measurement issue
    • Added option to have an additional reference point to offset the rotation angle measurement
  • Area and volume measure:
    • Added parameter for units multiply factor.
  • UVW Map tools:
    • Improved fitting algorithm.
    • Added option to change axis alignment
  • Fixed problem with menu registration
  • Fixed MacroScripts errors with 3ds Max 2016
  • Fixed installer issues with version 2016 compatibility.