First new version (v2.9.5.0) of 2022

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Mid-year release for 2022. This version adds a couple of tools and fix some major problems encountered. Big thanks to all the users who suggested new features and reported bugs.

Changes since version


  • Mirror tool:
    • Fixed inverted rotation
    • Fixed clone mode not deactivating
  • ref Rotate: fix for inverted rotation result
  • ref Scale: rewritten to be more reliable. In previous versions, the tool will fail if the reference vectors where perpendicular.
  • cameraManager: Unlocked the rollout height. In displays with a resolution of 1080p some buttons where cropped
  • Pivot tools:
    • Fixed Working Pivot to Pivot button
    • Added a tooltip for the “Pivot to Face” to express more clearly that only works with editable polys.
  • infoTool: Fixed swapped dimension labels.
  • The angle measure tool was not displaying the angle correctly
  • The area measure tool was not displaying the value and was throwing an error
  • Fixed critical functionality problem with refGuides: Intersection points were not working correctly in 3ds Max 2022.
  • Fixed configuration option to change refGuide object to standard splines.


  • Added an option to disable Bounding box snap auto activation in certain tools.
  • ref Rotate: If you press CTRL on the last step, the rotation is performed over a copy of the reference object.
  • Reference move tool (User requested): Move tool that uses two (origin and destination) reference points.
  • Swap position tool (User requested): Select a collection of objects (will follow the selection pick order) and cycle their transform from one to the next.


  • Tested compatibility with 3ds Max 2023
  • reDimension tool has now an option to keep object proportions.
  • Photographic composition guides updated to include golden ratio proportions.
  • Mirror tool: Added a cancel button.

Whats new now

  • Tool to measure the angle between two polygons faces.
  • Accumulative dimension Measure. Useful to visualize the length of a non linear path, or to get the perimeter of a shape.


  • Improved refRotation tool.
  • General optimizations.


  • Material Replacer tool was not working
  • Fixed the configuration, some settings where not saved

Future changes

Considering that this will be the last release to support legacy 3ds max versions (prior to 2018) in order to simplify maintenance and optimize development.