DesignToolBox feature list


List of available tools, in table format

Transform tools

Reference rotation

3-point rotation. Angle snap option.

Local rotation

2-point CAD-like rotation. Angle snap option, local XYZ axis direction option.

Reference Scale

4-point scale. Orthogonal reference pick mode. Additionally it can apply a Xform modifier instead of direct transformation.

Move & Align

Move node to a new destination and perform an 1D alignment.

Move & Align

Relocate a node from three pairs of points, from an origin position to a target position.


Viewport interactive mirror tool. let's you set a 3d gizmo for freely position mirror planes.


Unit-measured scale. Orthogonal reference pick mode.


Precise referential movements.

Distribution tool

Distribute or redistribute objects (equally spaced) on a linear direction.

Drop objects

Drop objects on underlay surfaces

Random transform

Apply random or pattern based transforms (Rotate, Scale, Translate). Includes a clone option to scatter objects.

Reference move

CAD-like Move tool that uses two (origin and destination) reference points

Swap transform

Select a collection of objects and cycle their transform from one to the next.

Random Swap transform

Randomly swap position, rotation and scale between the selected objects.

Measure tools

Subdivide distance

Sets reference points between two picked points. Move mouse or type quantity to set segments amount.


Live visual feedback measure tape. Orthogonal constraint and orthogonal reference modes. Continuous mode displays concatenated dimensions.


Review distance measurements, create dimension objects to show them.


Measure any angle by 3 points.

Polygonal area

Pick points to draw an a closed polygonal region and measure its area.


Pick two diagonal points representing an enclosing box and measure its volume.

Angle between faces

Pick one point on each face to get the angle between them. Needs an EditablePoly or EditableMesh object selected.

Active grid units

Display XYZ reference units for the active viewport grid

Live Info

Viewport gizmo for displaying information about an object dimensions and transformation

Spatial Reference guides

Reference tools are intended to improve and speed up architecture modeling, or any case where the use of dimension references are needed. It allows to create construction guides, for accurately position and model objects. This guides can act as rulers, displaying custom measurement units in the viewport. The main functionality of this toolset consist in the creation of two types of reference objects: linear guides and protractors.

Reference tools

Line guides

Reference guide that works as a ruler.


Reference protractor object for working with angles.


Position a vertex-snap enabled points in guides intersection.

Viewport rulers

Display guides dimension's marks

Line guide and Protractor tool modes

Free-space coordinates creation

Orthogonal coordinates creation

Polar coordinates creation

Protractor Free space

Protractor Polar space

Protractor Orthogonal space

Object tools

1D Array

Fast, interactive, in-viewport 1D Array. Set subdivision marks between two points, and place a clone on each mark

Interactive Array

Fast, interactive, in-viewport 2.5D Array.

Pattern Array

Rule-based objects array generation with advanced transform options.

Polar array

Clone an object around a reference center object.


Detach geometry elements and spline shapes to individual objects.


Merge will Combine geometry and splines in one object.


Use an object to Interactively stamp its shape or cut holes in a mesh.



Replace any object with another. Replicate multiple instances, keep or not material and transformations.


Copy almost any property from one object to another. I.E: Match the radius of a circle with the length of a rectangle, render properties, layer or anything else.

Eyedropper shortcuts


UVW mapping

modifiers & direct mesh UV coordinates


(non-topology dependant)

Standard transformations

Object properties

Scene organization tools

Reference Isolate

Isolate object and set an active grid with it's local coordinates.

Incremental Isolate

re-Isolate within current selection.

Unhide selection

This tool will temporally display all hidden objects (and hide visible ones) and let you select the ones you want to unhide.

Unfreeze selection

This tool will temporally invert the freeze state of all objects and let you select the ones you want to unfreeze.

Layer tools

Layer isolation

Isolate/Un-isolate selected object/s layer/s.

Layer lock, visibility, backface cull...

Lock current layer or pick an object to change the layer state or properties.

Pivot, coordinates tools

Pivot positioning

Top, bottom, center, cage align, 3-point align, face normal, reset (3-points and face normal has a Working pivot option) in an organized pop-up dialog.

Lock standard transformations

Convenient shortcuts to enable / disable standard transformations locks

Viewports, scene management

Camera manager

Utility to review scene cameras, assign a custom resolution to each, and add it to a batch render view or state set.

Material replacer

Automate the process of replacing materials.

Bitmap multi-loader

Other material related tools

Map name from file

Change the names of Bitmap Textures to the name of the loaded files.

Remove material

Remove material from selection.

ID from camera

Set objects ID for current camera view.

Face Id

Select faces w/ same ID.

Random ID Set

Set random IDs.


Paneling and detailer tool.

Quickly create a grid of panels (boxes or custom geometry) in a planar surface. Originally intended to fast model furniture cabinets and add handles, now is a multi-purpose tool.


Add individual UVW modifiers to a selection of objects, poly elements or faces. Randomize Gizmos, direct mesh coordinates or UVW Xform modifiers.

Map Tools

Fit, center, reset UVW gizmos and delete UVW or UVW xform modifiers in selected objects from a convenient dialog.

Store snap settings state

Save and reuse different active snaps settings.

Color clipboard toolbar

Dockable color swatches pallette.Generate random colors. Store and reuse colors.

Other tools

Random Select

Select random nodes.

Align Assets

Put nodes in line.

Replace with Xref

Replace selected node with Xref Record