DesignToolBox — version 2.5.0

1 minute read

New features

  • New layer tools:
    • Isolate layers: Isolate the layers of the current selected nodes, or pick a node in the viewport.
    • Hide/freeze/Box Mode layer picking a node in the viewport.
    • Added shortcuts to ribbon for some useful layer commands not present in 3ds max UI.

Tools improvements and fixes

  • Transform tools: Improved polar and orthogonal tracking.
  • refGuides
    • Polar placing: Now, when placing the polar reference plane, you can orient and rotate (yaw-pitch-roll) it.
    • Orthogonal mode: Pressing CRTL will lock z-axis.
    • Removed option to place protractor with guide line.
    • New objects: Now line, protractor and intersection points are configurable custom objects, you can now snap to vertex at a intersection point.
  • General performance improvements and fixes.
    • Fixed error that causes the first install dialog to reappear at each launch.
    • Fixed error with random UVW map transformations.
    • Improved Pattern array.
    • Improved distance measure history dialog.
  • Fixed problems in demo version.
  • UI enhancements
    • Better tooltips, complete description in ribbon tooltips.
    • Some other refinements.
  • Net rendering (Backburner): Install the demo version in the render nodes to avoid warnings and potential render job fail.
  • Moved refGuides MacroScripts to category refGuides;
  • Moved DesignToolbox MacroScripts to category Designtoolbox; Optional features remains on category DSTLBX tools.
  • 3ds Max 2019 compatibility. Fixed compatibility whit versions prior to 2017.