DesignToolBox license activation steps

This guide is of users who have purchased a license.

  1. Start any tool, for example, reference rotation.
  2. In the first screen of the activation dialog, select “Generate license”
  3. Complete the fields with your data…
  4. Copy the activation code on the field and email it to

    The information you provided in (3) is verified with current / customers / purchased licenses / and if is valid, an activation key is issued.

  5. Once you received the activation key (usually within the 24 hs of sending the request) repeat Step 1 and select “I already have a license”.
  6. Paste or type the received license code on the next dialog. Click Activate and the activation process will be finished.

NOTE: This form does not connect to the web in order to retrieve or send data.Please email your user (activation) info to the provided address.

act_step_1 act_step_2 act_step_3 act_step_4 act_step_5 act_step_6