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List of available tools and utilities

DesignToolBox for 3ds Max

DesignToolbox is a collection of tools specially designed to accelerate and simplify basic modeling tasks for architectural models, furniture design and othe...


First new version (v2.9.5.0) of 2022

1 minute read

Mid-year release for 2022. This version adds a couple of tools and fix some major problems encountered. Big thanks to all the users who suggested new feature...

First new version (v2.9.4.0) of 2022

1 minute read

First release for 2022. This version brings some enhancements and brand new UI icons (Due to a data loss, the icons had to be redone. The new aesthetic is mo...

New tools introduced in v2.9.3.x

1 minute read

Last major release for 2021. This version brings some enhancements and a few new tools Entirely rewritten Array tools and Replacement of paneling tool The ...

Tools Cheatsheet

less than 1 minute read

List of available tools, in table format has been added. It includes a description for each one, and a short usage instruction. Access it here

New tools introduced in v 2.8.0

1 minute read

Reference points Tool Trace temporary reference lines and place points at intersections. In difference with 3ds Max Helper points, this custom reference p...

DesignToolBox — version 2.8.X

less than 1 minute read

New Tools Points: New tool for placing reference points at temporary guides intersections. Renderable dimensions: This was a old users request. The too...

DesignToolBox — version 2.7.X

2 minute read

This version implements some major changes and is recommended for all users to update to the last release. It has some major rewrite of the core functionalit...

DesignToolBox — version 2.6.0

1 minute read

This version addresses some problems found in the previous release and add some new features: New features Move and align (1D Align tool) Align objects us...

About Paramblock2 Error

less than 1 minute read

This issue happens when trying to open a scene with refGuides objects made in a previous version than the current installed one, preventing from opening the ...

DesignToolBox — version 2.5.0

1 minute read

New features New layer tools: Isolate layers: Isolate the layers of the current selected nodes, or pick a node in the viewport. Hide/fre...

DesignToolBox Lite retired

less than 1 minute read

We inform to our customers, that, in light of forthcoming changes in our 3ds Max plugins, Lite version of DesignToolBox will no longer be available for purch...

New DesignToolBox demo videos

less than 1 minute read

Many users where asking for more descriptive and not speeded up videos showing the use of the toolset. The recently uploaded playlist on the youtube channel ...

Published new Script: Panel Cuts

less than 1 minute read

Tool for creating panel cuts reports. Useful for furniture or kitchen cabinets design. Features Material finish, part type, description, grain orientati...

DesignToolBox — version 2.1

less than 1 minute read

Tools improvements and fixes Local reference rotation Added preview of rotation axis Now works properly when working in grid space mode. reDimension...

DesignToolBox — version 2.0 out soon

1 minute read

Version notes Originally started as an incremental version (1.95) intended to fix reported problems and include some minor requested functionality, turned o...

DesignToolBox — version 1.87

less than 1 minute read

Version notes Due to problems with the activation on systems with virtual hardware drivers, an option to select device to lock the activation to, has bee...

DesignToolBox — version 1.86

less than 1 minute read

Version notes Fixed an error when pressing ESCAPE using Replicator/Eyedropper tools. User request feature: Added Orthogonal mode to Measure distance to...

DesignToolBox — version 1.85

less than 1 minute read

Version notes New modify Tool:  2-point planar rotation (in local coordinates). New convenient Tool : Unhide by selection. New Tool category: Eyedrop...

DesignToolBox development stage

less than 1 minute read

2-Point Local Rotation Works like the reference rotation tool, but instead of picking a rotation axis, it uses the object’s local XYZ axes. The default rota...


User Guide

User guide containing tools description and how to use.


Cameras manager

Compact interface to manage, review, select cameras. It also can add batch render views, change resolution and aspect ratio per camera. Comes with presets fo...

Material tools

Several tools to work with textures, geometry faces ID and more.

Panel Cuts

Tool for creating panel cuts reports. Useful for furniture or kitchen cabinets design.

Random select

Random node selection. By percent of the selected nodes or “Dot-Gap” pattern.

vscode MaxScript

Autodesk 3ds Max Scripting language (MaxScript) support for vs code.